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Marakanda or Samarkand is one of the most ancient cities in the world, founded in 8th century BC. The hills revealing enigmatic ruins of the hub-city are now called Afrosiyob.The city of legends, where Aladdin lived and the old caravan routes passed had been a trade hub, where merchants of East met customers from the West. The unbelievably picturesque city has been amazing everyone by its beauty. That's why Samarkand attracted Alexander the Great, the Arab Caliph and Genghis Khan. It was the capital of the most powerful state of Sogd, and later became the center of Amir Temur's great empire. Temur - the ruler, who loved the city revived it and turned it into the capital of his vast empire. The numerous monuments in Samarkand impress by the beauty and splendor.The majestic Registan attracts any tourist. The myths of the city live nowadays in the hearts of the people. Cosmopolite city inhabitates people of different religions, ethnicities. This is the place where ethnic Jews live in peace with ethnic Arabs and Iranians, where Christianity is worshiped as well as Islam and Judaism. A city of cultural fusion. The tour also includes visiting Blessed Bukhara, which is well known in the Islamic world since ancient times. Among more than 140 architectural monuments, one would definitely want to start with Kalyan Minaret, built in 1127. This unique tower’s height is 47 meters. The most striking feature of the minaret is its intricate ornamentation. In short, in Bukhara there is a great number of architectural buildings and monuments which deserve one’s attention. As Uzbeks say: "It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times".

Nos tours: Tours from India

Durée: 8 days/7 nights

Route: Tashkent – Urgench – Khiva - Bukhara – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand – Tashkent

Destinations: Uzbekistan


Day 1:


-       Arrival in Tashkent from Mumbai on flight Mumbai - Tashkent (07: 45-11: 10). You will be met by our representative with meeting board “SAMARKAND STAR TOUR” and transferred to hotel.

-       Lunch.

-       After lunch start from the exploring of Old city:

-  visit Khast Imam Complex with Barak Khan Madrasah,

-  Mausoleum of Yunus Khan & Kafal-Al-Shashi.

-  Next to the Old city under the green dome lies Chorsu Bazaar - one of the largest and oldest in Central Asia.

-  Behind the bazaar is Kukeldash Madrasah – an Islamic school located beside the Juma Mosque dated back to 15th century.

-  Also, visit Abdul Kasim Madrasah where we can see a lot of souvenirs workshops.

-       Dinner.

-       Free time. Night in Tashkent.

Day 2:

Tashkent – Urgench – Khiva